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14. Project: Greenhouse complex Dneprovsky

Project details
Project: Greenhouse complex Dneprovsky
Country: Ukraine
Cultivated crops
Tomatoes: carpens, cocktails, cherries, biftomats, creamy, pink-fruited, exotic (black, yellow, cor de buf)
Cucumbers: bee pollinated, parthenocarpic (smooth, medium-fruited, small tuberous)
Pepper: block (red, orange, yellow)
One of the largest greenhouse complexes in Ukraine. Our team begged for tomatoes and cucumbers for various sowing patterns, extended turnover – 11 months, short turns of 6 months (2 turns per year).
– The project of the light culture of cucumber Meva was launched using a hybrid LED and DNaT lighting system;
– The maximum yield for this region was obtained on the hybrids of the selection of Rijk Zwaan Dundee and Kibria. What did Rijk Zwaan write about in the Vegetable Grower magazine?
– trained staff in the grafted tomato culture;
– the first in Ukraine transferred the entire cultivated area to IPM protection;
– To work with bee-pollinated hybrids, the largest apiary in Ukraine was created and organized (more than 450 families).

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